Something in the Air


This artwork is an inflatable model of a stone, engraved with the Tibetan words བསམ་བློའི་མཐོ་ཚད་ཀུན་གྱི་མཆོག (精神高于一切), or“Spirit Above All.” It has been magnified one milliontimes. The original stone was specially produced by a local Marnyi stone artisan for the “SpiritAbove All”series, for which Zhao carved the phrase onto manyrocks of different sizes. As part of the project, in 2016,Zhaounfurled an abstract cloth installation 116 meterstall by 86 meters wide in a mountainous area of Tibet,exposing it to the elementsfor half a year beforepresenting it in Beijing Peoples’ Stadium on 18 May 2018.Using Marnyi stones as inspiration, the artist hasnowcreated his newest artwork, Something in the Air, a “hugebut hollow” inflatable Marnyi stone. Perched betweensky and sea,the air inside seems to be charged with acertain energy. The artwork seems to ask: how does ourknowledge—cultural, political,or religious—influenceour perceptions of art? Details »